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“Measure V does nothing to address affordable housing in Mountain View.”

Heather Sirk
Mountain View Housing Provider

“Measure V is an economic wart on the city of Mountain View.”

John Inks
Former Mountain View Mayor

“Measure V has created an atmosphere that rewards criminal tenants while penalizing good tenants.”

Todd Rothbard
Residential Property Attorney

“Measure V has made it impossible to upkeep my apartment building.”

Jim Claus
Longtime Mountain View Apartment Building Owner

The implementation of Measure V in Mountain View has been a disaster.

Originally sold as an affordable housing program that would pay for itself, Measure V has already cost the city of Mountain View $2.6-million. The Rental Housing Commission created under Measure V is a bureaucracy with blank-check authority and the power to hire countless employees. The Rental Housing Committee is demanding the City Council fork over another $1.0-million taking resources away from parks, libraries, and public safety. Measure V has done nothing but create headaches for taxpayers while reducing the number of affordable housing units in Mountain View.

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